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August 18, 2008

So Much We Can’t See

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Harriet Crosby, Stu Krohn, Me and The Orb

Harriet Crosby, Stu Krohn, Me and The Orb

Last Wednesday night I went to Tara’s talk at the Unitarian Church on River Road to take some photos for their website and shoot some video.

I met up with Harriet, on the left, who has been traveling to differing places around the planet with Larry Bohlen.  They are creating a company called Natural Check, helping people to test for toxins in food.  (Check out the site – really interesting stuff they are doing!)

They are also interested in sacred sites and energy.  They just got back from England visiting crop circles and Stonehenge.

One thing they got into was photographing ‘orbs’ of energy around nature and people.  

I’m know I don’t understand this fully, but using the flash, they can capture vortexes of energy not normally seen by the human eye.  Oftentimes you need to enlarge a photo quite a bit to see one.

ANYway … We thought we’d give it a try and stepped out into the night to take a shot with a flash.  Harriet and Stu are two people I mightily love, so the energy between us was quite sweet.  I silently invoked whatever energy wanted to show up.

Who knows what that blue orb is above my hand, but there it is.  

Apparently that’s one of their best orb shots.


Here’s to the mystery.


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  1. As a photogrpaher and beleiver I really dig this shot… energy is everywhere wether we can see it or not

    Comment by KEVIN — February 14, 2009 @ 7:55 pm

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