Jonathan Foust

September 30, 2008

Historia de un letrero

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This week in class I’ve been talking about the Hindrances: the challenging states that arise when we try to be present.  When we experience these five conditions they push away all other thoughts and make it almost impossible to be fully present with an open mind and heart.  

These are:

  1. Aversion and ill will
  2. Craving and sensual desire
  3. Restlessness and worry
  4. Sloth and torpor and
  5. Doubt

One way to work with the challenges that arise is to recognize and name them.  Identifying them objectively helps sever your identification with the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are are associated with your experience.

Another approach is the path of the heart.  You can explore what it’s like to invite the hindrance as a teacher and to invoke compassion and empathy for yourself and others.  

Both approaches can be incredibly challenging – and liberating.

In that light, watch the following four-minute film if you would like to charge up your compassion battery.

This won the Cannes 2008 online short film competition.


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  1. Thank you! AND I loved that he could HEAR it…..the birds!!!

    Thanks again.


    Comment by Joan — October 10, 2008 @ 5:00 pm

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