Jonathan Foust

November 10, 2008

Starting a 29-Day Cleanse

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Living in the ashram I became fascinated with the relationship between food and consciousness.  As a community, we embarked on all kinds of dietary experiments.  Thursdays were for fasting (preceded by the orgy of Wednesday night dessert night) and we tried raw foods, living foods, ayurvedic influences and macrobiotics.  

The regime that worked best for me was macrobiotics.  I got a little carried away though, and for a few years you could classify me as macroneurotic.  For a wild stint I was a full blown macropsychotic before I came to my senses.  I was so rigid around the macrobiotic principles that I once threatened to leave the ashram because they weren’t pressure cooking the brown rice at every meal. 

I was finally set straight when one of the ‘seniors’ in the community sat me down and asked me, “What does a happy person eat?”

Two seconds later I replied, “OK. I got it.  Thanks.”  Spell broken.

For four or five years I supervised all the fasting programs at Kripalu Center.  Every three months a group of about 25 0r 30 people would gather for a few days of potassium broth and then juices, gently coming off on potassium broth again before heading home.  I’ve always been pretty skinny and somewhat hypoglycemic and found that I just couldn’t do the juices along with the guests and stay standing, so I found my pace with a mono-diet.  Eating very simple food, usually for me brown rice and greens, for a while is a wonderful and gentle way to cleanse.

Many of the great wisdom traditions speak of the power of fasting and prayer and I’ve certainly found the relationship between the two to be incredibly dynamic.

I’ve been thinking recently it might be interesting to do a deeper purification regime and through Robert Jordan, one of the most up to speed nutrition/raw food/health/cleansing/consciousness people I know (web site here), I’m going to try the Blessed Herbs regime.

Part of my impulse to do this is to share the process with my wife, who’s had some struggles with her health.  I’m blessed with good German peasant genes.   Other than migraines, I’ve been remarkably free of any major health problems.  

Tonight we start phase one, which takes a few days.  I’ll be taking a Digestive Stimulator and Toxin Absorber tonight.  Over the next few days, one modifies how much of this stuff one needs to manufacture three poops a day to keep the cleansing process moving along for the next month.  I promise not to write too much on this subject, but there are some AWESOME cleansing poop photos on the web I’ll point you to!

21 days of herbs is followed by a 5-day fast and colon cleanse.  While the 21 days of herbs can be done with any form of diet, the colon cleanse will be a full fast.


  1. I recently finished a much shorter cleanse/fast. After 6 days of drinking a lot of water and eating playdough, I was quite ready to have a happy person meal. Good luck, Jonathan, and its really ok to skip the poop photos.


    Comment by John — November 10, 2008 @ 10:04 pm

  2. You sure you don’t want to see ’em? They are amazing photos! Congrats on doing the fast. It’s hard to even measure the benefits. I hope you are feeling great and enjoying solid food again!

    Comment by jonathanfoust — November 11, 2008 @ 11:40 am

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