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November 14, 2008

Eliminate the Negative

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More of These

More of These

Still on Phase #1 of the 29-day Cleanse.  Phase #1 involves taking a digestive stimulator before dinner and just before bed a packet of psyllium seeds and herbs with apple juice.  One adjusts the digestive stimulator capsules to three poops a day to ensure good elimination through the cleanse.


I like this approach.  Feels gentle and easy.  Going in and coming out of a fast are as important as doing it.  As George Bernard Shaw, a dedicated faster said, “Any fool can fast, but it takes a wise person to come off a fast.”

This reminds me when two brothers from the ashram stayed in a cabin for a week fasting on water.  They had a deeply spiritual adventure … then broke their fast on the way home at Burger King.  Oy. Needless to say, the rapture ended pretty quickly.

It’s important to establish good elimination.  Otherwise, autointoxication occurs in forms as varied as skin rashes, bad breath, listlessness, constipation, aches, pains and fever.  When I supervised fasts, we did daily enemas.  

In the supervised fasts, I loved doing the ‘enema demos.’ Great comedy material.  I usually used a big teddy bear.  One time I got a bathrobe, rolled up my trousers and acted as if I was going to do a live demo for the group.  Wonderful facial expressions, particularly the looks of relief when I stopped.

Fasting doesn’t require enemas or colonics if you are eliminating well.  That’s the beauty of a mono-diet like brown rice or brown rice and greens.  The digestive systems gets deeply rested and the whole process is quite gentle.

I’ve also done really gonzo aggressive fasts. Back in the wild days, I did a ten day “Master Cleanse” fast.  Nothing but water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  Pretty dramatic, but not the most balancing adventure.

As I transition, I’m now cutting out the extreme ends of my diet.  I’m a pretty clean eater, but in recent years I’ll have a little ice cream now and then, as well as a Five Guys burger, a beer or an expresso.  All that is now out for the month.  

I’m also cutting out my cup of black tea in the morning.  As much as I adore and worship caffeine, I discovered a few months ago when I cycled off it, that my energy level is much more steady without it.

As Michio Kushi, the main face of macrobiotics says, “It’s not what you eat occasionally, it’s what you eat every day that matters.”  Eliminating the extremes:  the yin and expansive foods like sugar and sweeteners on one end and the yang and contracting foods like salt and heavy meets on the other, helps you center in the middle of the spectrum.

I know I’m holding out on the poop photos, but here’s a great link to my friend Susan’s site where you’ll find everything you need to know in the Poo Video.

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