Jonathan Foust

April 9, 2009


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I had a wonderful weekend leading the “Buddha and Body” retreat at Kripalu Center.  About ten minutes after the program ended I hopped in the car and made my way to Connecticut for our annual meditation festival at Watering Pond Yoga hosted by my dear friends Dorothy and Michael.  After a wonderful gathering, a great meal and a good sleep I headed back down to DC in pouring rain in the morning.  The tension of driving in such driving rain kicked in a headache which led to a migraine.

I’m grateful for those rest areas on the New Jersey turnpike and for a car (Honda Element) which can be converted into a nap zone.  In the midst of the rain and a free floating migraine I found myself entranced by this image of rain falling on the sunroof.  Kind of trippy.




  1. Those of us who were at the Buddha and Body retreat with you had a great time, too. Being a child of the ’60’s, I’ve always wondered about meditation and what some of my friends where getting out of it. Now I understand, through my experience and the experiences of those around me. I’ve been in a number of workshops through the years (chi gong, yoga, judo, etc.) where meditation was an opening and closing element, but your explanations and exercises with breathwork made this workshop a very different and powerful experience.

    My best wishes for your continued success in opening minds and healing hurts through your work.

    Comment by Gary Clayton — April 10, 2009 @ 12:16 pm

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