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March 18, 2009

He Walks

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Thank you for the healing thoughts and well-wishing for Hakuna.  The operation seems to have been a success and while he tires easily, his gait looks great and he’s a happy wanderer.

Back on the Prowl

Back on the Prowl


Early Spring Morning

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Just Before the Buds

Just Before the Buds

March 8, 2009

Happy for No Reason: Bluung!

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Some of the most popular viral videos are of laughing babies.  This is one of the most viewed.

Why are we as humans so entranced by these?  There is something here in the joyful absurdity of it all that touches the heart and alters the moment.

September 14, 2008

87% Humidity at 7:00 AM

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Non dual teachers say you can discover what doesn’t change by paying attention to everything that DOES change.  It’s a gift to have the river so close by and to notice the subtle shifts in the elements.  I took this shot at 7:00 AM, with 87% humidity and temperature going into the 90’s in a few hours.  

Fall migration is just beginning, but I don’t think anyone is going very far today.

A Steamy Sunday Morning on the River

A Steamy Sunday Morning on the River

August 15, 2008

If You Only Had 5 Minutes Left to Live

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Potomac Early Morning

Here’s a question Tara posed to me this morning:

“If you had only 5 minutes left in this life, you were all alone with no access to phone or internet, what would you do with that time?”

My first response was:


  1. Make sure I had on clean underwear.
  2. Be sure I had enough time to make it to the kitchen to finish the pistachio ice cream.
  3. Remember Baby Jesus.


Upon further reflection, this was my response:

“I would want to savor what it means to be embodied and at the same time, open my awareness to the vastness of things.  I would center myself in the senses and want to be awake as I could possibly be to this transition to formlessness.”

What would you do?  I’m curious.  In fact, Tara asked me to ask you.  This is probably for the first chapter of her book.


Leave a comment!  Thanks.

Potomac Early Morning


At Home Retreat

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We’re taking this weekend as a home retreat.   Why am I writing here then?

Well, that’s the cool part about a home retreat.  

You get to make up the rules.

Our rules are no internet, phone or distracting reading.  

Our practices include:


  1.  Silence.  Except when we need to do something mechanical  like make a meal.
  2. Time in nature, either walking, sitting.  (Kayaking is legal!)
  3. Time in meditation.
  4. Time in inter-personal meditation each day, naming what’s present and our relationship to it.
  5. As many naps as we can stand.
  6. A few hours each day for creativity.  Tara is working on her book.  I’m working with my own writing and playing with multi-media.



So far, so great.