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October 30, 2009

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana

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If you haven’t seen the movie “Doing Time, Doing Vipassana,” it’s incredibly inspiring.  And it’s now on youtube in five parts.

For more on yoga and meditation in the prisons, this Wikipedia link has a lot of information.  If you’re interested in doing prison work here in the DC area, let me know and I can connect you with some very active and inspiring people.


October 21, 2009

First Fall Mornings

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The first frost of the season arrived, quickly disappearing in the morning sunlight.  A few select morning shots for you:

From crystal to vapor.

From crystal to vapor.

Flushing a buck.

Flushing a buck.

Dead on the job. I don't know about the resolution here, but you can see ice crystals on the bee's back.

Dead on the job. I don't know about the resolution here, but you can see ice crystals on the bee's back.

Canadian Thistle in Transition

Canadian Thistle in Transition

Morning.  Glory.

Morning. Glory.

One of My Homies: Father Thomas Keating

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I had the opportunity to meet Father Thomas Keating at the Garrison Institute at a conference a few years ago on inter-disciplinary traditions where I was leading yoga and meditation and could take part in the sessions. He was teaching about “Contemplative Prayer.”

I loved his explanation of how he got started into this.  Someone asked if they could use a room to teach meditation in their church.  Attendance was so high he got alarmed and starting attending.  From his own practice he has managed to articulate what is essentially ‘mantra’ meditation into a format that has made it accessible for countless people.

He has a wonderful transmission.  When he taught at the conference it was clear he was giving a talk he’s given thousands of times, but he used that as a way to personally connect with each person through eye contact.  I was touched and inspired by his friendly and caring nature.

(Thanks, George!)

October 20, 2009

Happy for No Reason: Classical Music with Shining Eyes

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A real treat.  Wait till you have about twenty minutes to enjoy. Benjamin Zander is a passionate, engaging speaker who transmits joy and possibility.

(Thanks, Sheila.)

October 19, 2009

Happy for No Reason: Home Alone

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You never know what your dogs are up to when you’re away from home.

(Thanks, Sylvia!)

October 15, 2009

Testing the Fun Theory

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Can we change behavior by encouraging fun?

October 14, 2009

Good Mornings

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My morning ritual is pretty simple.  Roll out of bed, get dressed, use the bathroom, grab my camera and paraphernalia, roust the dogs and head out into the woods.  I’m either in pitch darkness or with some light from the moon.

The dogs are in full bliss state and it’s easy to tap into their alertness, joy and enthusiasm.

Whatever route I take through the woods and fields to the water, I’m almost always there to catch the sunrise.  My dear Uncle Dave, who taught creative writing most of his life, used to often gripe about how our language doesn’t reflect reality.

“It’s not sunrise,” he would often say, “It’s actually earthturn.”

So here are some choice Earth Turn photos from the past ten days:

sunrise rosy

sunrise salmon

sunrise grey

sunrise moody


October 12, 2009

Interview with Karen Armstrong

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Here’s a link to an interview between Karen Armstrong and Tavis Smiley.  As Don, who passed this on to me, said in his email, “Interestingly, she makes many of the same points the Dalai Lama spoke of in the compassion portion of his teaching Saturday.”

Here is the link to the PBS interview (video).

By the way, Karen Armstrong’s book “Buddha,” blew me away.  Highly recommended.

(Thanks, Don!)

October 8, 2009

What Christians Can Learn From Buddhists About Suffering

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I did a two and a half year Community Dharma Leadership Training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Califorina a number of years ago and one of the best things that happened to me was making a friend of Gordon Peerman.

blessed relief full cover

As an Episcopal priest he has served  for many years within the framework on the church and as a psychotherapist, consultant, deep practitioner and teacher who encourages mindfulness practices, he is a true ‘dharma bum.’  He writes with clarity, selflessness and wonderful humor.

He has a very-well received book out called Blessed Relief:  What Christians Can Learn from Buddhists About Suffering.  I had the opportunity to read this in one of it’s first drafts and feel this book is a contribution that over the years will just keep on giving.

You can read more about it here.

October 6, 2009

Happy for No Reason: Rain and Thunder

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Quite wonderful.

(Thanks, Smaudrey!)

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